German driving license

If you want to get a driving license for the first time in Germany, you have to know it is very expensive! That means, it could be cost about 1.300,00 EUR.
You are allowed to drive a car when you are 18 years old.

First you have to register in a driving school. All bureaucratic things makes the driving school.
There are practical and theoretical courses which have to be completed. Compulsory are 14 hours a 45 minutes theoretical courses and 12 special practical drives a 2 hours including driving on federal roads, on motorways and at night. Normal drives on city-streets are recommended. It depends on your abilities.
After completing all courses there is first a theoretical test with multiple choice questions. If you pass it, there's finally a practical test for about 30 minutes, where you have to drive mostly in the city and show that you are able to park, to turn and you know all the traffic signs. Then the examiner gives you the offical driving license!

If you hold a valid drivers' license from an EU or EEA country your license is automatically valid in Germany. Drivings license from other countries could be valid without doing any tests. But that depends on which country issued your original licence. There are special regulations. Mostly all driving schools in Germany can help you with that.

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